Lee & Ziegler was founded on three guiding principles:


While the law is often viewed as traditional and staid, changes in the law have always been driven by those who dared bring new and fresh ideas to the courtroom. At Lee & Ziegler, we pride ourselves in bringing innovative thinking to bear on your particular issues. Doing things the same old way is not good enough, especially when your interests are on the line.

Our business model is equally innovative. What you pay for is top-quality advice and legal work. We have designed Lee & Ziegler to avoid the pressures of billable hours, which allows us to focus on our primary task: solving your problem. This innovative approach also allows us to provide our clients with maximum value for each dollar spent.


One of the few calling cards an attorney has is the quality of his or her work. We push ourselves every day to make sure that the work that we do and the service we provide are second to none. When you retain Lee & Ziegler, you are preceded by our attorneys' reputation for excellent legal work. 


An attorney has no greater defining characteristics than his or her integrity and reputation. We take great pride in our reputation with judges, opposing counsel, government officials, and members of the public as honest, straightforward, professional, and courteous.  At Lee & Ziegler, we fight hard, but we fight fair. This commitment is not only central to who we are, but it is central to our continued success.